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Posted on January 4, Gyro King. It was tasty with the hot sauce. The sandwich comes with fries. The owner confirmed all meat is halal. Nice, clean, and spacious place. A nice lunch alternative for those working in the financial district in the city. Posted on January 3, Sunrise Deli. I asked if anything was halal, to which the worker said, "The lamb and chicken are halal. I didn't feel the need to ask for a certificate of halal authenticity, so I just ordered a super falafel sandwich, which I found to be average.

If you serve halal food, please have a sign stating the same, and be open and honest about it to avoid confusion. IEC Restaurant. The burger and fries are legit. Not sure what the below reviewer "escape" means by feeling "awkward" going there? Is it because this place is attached to a masjid? Or because it's attached to a shia masjid?

The food here is good, regardless of the fact that it is contiguously located to a masjid. There's nothing awkward about that for me. Posted on January 2, Sayad Mediterranean Grill. Was verbally assured that all meat is halal. Had the mixed shawerma platter. It was tasty and portion size was good. A bit pricey, but arguably worth it. Try the Halal chicken sandwich with jalapeno poppers and ranch sauce on dutch crunch bread. Was very tasty. Ike's Lair. It comes with Halal chicken, wasabi mayo, teryiaki sauce, and mozzarella sticks.

It was real good. This location is not as big as some of the other Ike's locations, so finding available seating can be a challenge. Gourmet Express. And prices are reasonable. This place is more like a lunch spot; located in a business park with limited hours. I happened to stumble across this place by accident. The owner is friendly and assured us that all meat is halal.

Just like the previous reviewer, we also intended to visit another nearby restaurant that was closed, and luckily Gourmet Express popped up on my Zabihah App for iPhone! I recommend Gourmet Express and the Zabihah App. Honestly speaking, this was one of the worst halal american food places I have been too, not just in Houston, but in the entire country; and trust me, I have been to a lot of different Halal joints in the USA. The burgers are weak and tasteless. I ordered the double loaded cheeseburger, and while it is large in size, it was extremely small in the taste department.

The service was horrible. The young girl or daughter who wears the hijab behind the cash is extremely rude and has tons of attitude. Not sure I would return simply on that fact alone. However, it is also the food that I did not enjoy. The fries were undercooked, so were the wings. The Kofta Kabab platter was hardly a kabab, but more like taco meat. Kofta kababs are supposed to take on some type of shape, i. However, it was more like saucy ground beef curry. To make matters worse, I suffered a severe stomach ache the next morning and almost missed my early morning flight.

Based on the above, I do NOT recommend this place. I make better food at home. Posted on December 31, Service was pretty friendly. Next time I visit Houston, I will go back and try some of their sweets. World Food Warehouse. Grocery, Halal meat, produce, frozen items, and much more for desi, middle eastern, arab, and north African consumers. This place is huge. The store is staffed by somewhat courteous workers. I had a return and brought back some items that I had incorrectly purchased.

The return process was seamless. Good customer service. Portions are small, service is scarce, and they don't serve kubideh Kababs, which is shocking for an afghan restaurant! The afghan restaurants in Fremont are no longer a viable option for me like they used to be. Too bad. Khyber pass and Pamir in Dublin are far superior.

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Posted on December 7, Arya Global Cuisine. Kababs are bland, service is ok, at best; and they serve all types of alcohol. The server claimed all meat is halal. Although I trusted them this time, I wouldn't return. Posted on October 23, Been coming here for years. Not the biggest, or cleanest joint in the bay, but the food is pretty consistent. The naan and chutneys good be better. Overall average. Posted on October 19, They have a large sign posted on the wall stating that gyro meat and chicken is zabihah halal. Owners also verbally confirmed this fact as well.

The mixed gyro and chicken shawarma wrap is pretty tasty. Located on the corner of Beale and Mission. They serve good breakfast sandwiches too. Fast and friendly service. Posted on October 18, Well maintained and stocked. They carry the full line of Saffron Road halal prepared frozen meals.

I tried the chicken Pad Thai and the lemon basil chicken curry. Go here and buy Saffron Road products so management can continue to carry a ready supply. I recommend Posted on October 15, Zam Zam Halal Supermarket. We buy our halal meat and spices from here on occasion. This place is run by the former owner of Madina Market in Fremont.

I recommend because of their prices and selection. FYI I did notice one item that was not halal here. It was a canned chili and beef product. The owner has a lot of non-muslim customers who shop there so he might carry that item in store for them. Posted on October 15, Zam Zam Grill. The chicken garlic wrap and steak gyro were both very tasty. Service is fast and friendly, and the place is very clean.

I will inshaAllah come back to try their burgers and cheesesteak sandwiches. Posted on October 12, The cheeseburger is good, as are the wings and chili kabab. The brother that works there is extremely friendly. Posted on September 22, Call ahead to make sure. This place also has an extensive wine list.

Posted on September 18, Owner assured meat is Zabihah halal. Posted on September 11, Mediterranean Wraps. Owner assured that the chicken, beef and lamb are halal. I've been going here for over 15 years. Gets jam packed during lunch. Shalimar I. The location is not the best, so beware at night. Ordered seekh kabab, naan and chutney. Enough said. Tandoori items were average. Service was a little better at their other location.

If in the area I would return. Posted on September 9, Tandoori items came out hot and fresh and the service was great. It is nice to see the owners grow their business into multiple locations and do well with catering. Mumbai Chowk. Everything was very tasty. Service was excellent and the place is clean. I will return to try their other items. Workers confirmed all meat is halal.

There is also a halal sign displayed in the window as well as on the menu. Faisal Market. I think they supply to Shalimar Restaurant. Prices are competitive. The worker at the front is extremely friendly and nice. Saffron Grill Kabob House. The wings tasted better than the kabab. Not sure I'd return anytime soon. This place is pretty expensive too. Posted on September 5, Not all sandwiches are halal, and not all chicken sandwiches are halal. The halal sandwiches are clearly marked.

You can substitute halal chicken for any of their sandwiches, and can also make your own. East-West Foods. The breakfast special: halwa, puri, and chana is real good. They also have a lunch buffet. Food is made fresh to order and is spicy. Posted on July 31, Shalimar V. They ran out of the iftaari food when we were there to open our fast.

Quite a popular destination, especially in Ramadan. This location accepts credit cards! I will return next time I'm in the area. Posted on July 29, Ziggy's Burger. It was good. The fries looked greasy and soggy; almost as if it was undercooked. Confirmed with the owner that everything is halal except the turkey and their "south of the border" burger, however, you can substitute the chorizo patty with a halal one and order it that way. The place is clean and spacious, and the service is not bad--they bring the food to your table. This place is close to work, so I'll be coming here a lot and trying their other items like sandwiches and kabab plates.

If you're in the financial district and are craving a halal burger, you can't go wrong here. Just ask for extra crispy fries. Posted on July 18, Rotee Express. I had the lamb seekh kabab with some naan.

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Workers confirmed that everything is halal. I asked if they serve beef seekh kababs, and they said, not yet. I prefer beef kababs over lamb, but the lamb is not bad. Check it out if in the area. I had the Paapri Chaat and the spicy desi chicken wrap. Was pretty tasty. I feel I got shorted on the meat though, so I went back and told the cashier who ordered me another one. Obviously, it wasn't that busy and that's why he remade it, otherwise I'm sure he would have given me a different response to my comment.

All in all it is a cool place. They are open til midnite on the weekdays. Chicken and lamb are halal. Tandoori chicken, seekh kabab and naan are great. Posted on July 12, Kandahar Kabob. We about 20 of us ordered a variety of different kabab platters. The beef kofta kabab, the chicken kofta kabab, and the lamb chops were lacking in flavor and were basically bland.

The chicken breast kabab pieces were OK, however, had it not been for the two types of sauces one yogurt and one hot , provided I don't think I would have like that either. The one plus to this restaurant aside from the sauces was that service was generally friendly and courteous. They seemed apologetic, and offered to throw in some extra kababs. Getting more of something you didn't really care for that much the first time is not really a "plus" in my books; however the effort is duly noted.

Bamiyan Kababs, walking distance from this restaurant, has better tasting food. I probably would not recommend this place. Posted on July 3, It was tasty, but the meat seemed like it was processed. For authentic burgers in the Mississauga area, try Burger factory on Dixie Road. Hero burgers are not a bad option. Posted on July 2, Pita Nutso. It was tasty. The brothers working the counter are very friendly. Open til midnite on weekends. Posted on July 1, Burger Factory.

Located in the same strip mall as Bamiyan and Popeye's and many other halal restaurants. Bamiyan Kabob. Food was delicious. The wait time for our food was a little excessive and the portions are not that big, however overall, not bad. KK Sushi Japanese. This place is not bad. They have a full halal sign in the window, and they also verbally assured that their food is completely halal. Food is tasty and the sushi is average. Nice option if you've ever wanted to go to a Japanese restaurant and have chicken teryiaki. Pita House. Good, clean environment with adequate service.

Waiter confirmed all meat is halal, although we did not try any of the meat dishes. Posted on June 28, Ghareeb Nawaz. There are other choices around Devon that are better. This place is dirty, and the staff is extremely rude. I didn't enjoy it, and thus do not recommend. Faizaan's Tasty Burger. The burgers, are fresh, juicy, tasty and cooked fast! You must try the Angry Bull's eye burger and the volcano burger add jalapenos. Service is very friendly and courteous. The young Muslim lady working the counter is extremely nice and made our experience even more pleasant.

Faizaan's is a "Must Have" when visiting Chicago. Hyderabad House. Was tasty, overall. The place could use a quick clean and a quick refresher on customer service, however, if you're not too picky you will probably enjoy it. They were open late on a Friday night. Not the best Hyderabadi food on Devon, but certainly a good option. I wanted to try the authentic hyderabadi Nehari, but the waiter said they only serve that on the weekend.

Khan BBQ Restaurant. We had the beef seekh kabab, chicken boti and karahai beef. All were good. Their choice of bread offerings were equally as good. You have to try the Onion naan and the Kheema paratha - one of the best I've had. The food here is good. Stick to the tandoor items and you can't go wrong. It is slightly pricy compared to other restaurants in the area, and considering the the ambiance and service received, but overall a good friendly option on Devon.

Kind of a small place. Average food. Service is pretty attentive. However, wasn't a big fan of their food. We ordered seekh kabab and chicken boti. Although both were listed as grill items on the menu, neither dish appeared to have been cooked in a tandoor. The chicken actually seemed pan fried with a ton of oil, and it wasn't even chicken breast meat.

Cutting corners now will cost them in the long run.

Was not pleased, or satisfied. Usmania Zabiha Chinese. Too bad their food is only average, at best. The beef seekh kabab was tasty. The tandoori chicken leg was not. Naans are fluffy. I may return next time I drive through Philly. Wall Street Halal Truck Guy. Located right in from of the Andaz hotel. Real convenient if you are staying there.

Arya Global Cuisine, Cupertino

Posted on April 28, Silver Spoon Kabobs. Their fried chicken and tandoori items were solid. The owner, Khaled is vey nice and assured all food is Zabihah. I'll be back! Posted on April 11, Grill Kabob. Menu and price are similar. I get the kubideh and chicken plate. It's expensive, but portions are good. I also could not find any halal lamb or goat. Selection was limited and expensive. I will stick top the halal buther stores. Posted on March 12, I love fro-yo, so didn't need much convincing to stop by here and have a bowl.

The Tart flavor was good. Tons of fresh fruit and dry toppings. Service was good and price was competitive.

Afghan Kabob House

Located in the Irvington district of Fremont in the Safeway shopping plaza. Posted on March 8, Yekta Market. Service was ok. Posted on March 6, Service is good and they sell halal beef sticks and beef jerky. The bad: the meat is way expensive. Herat Market. Service is good and prices are average. Located in the same shopping center as Afghan Village restaurant. Maiwand Market. Service is horrible and the owner is extremely rude and won't talk to you if you are not Afghani. I will not return. Seekh kabab wrap is decent. You can get it spicy. Comes with spicy potato salad and is pretty filling for lunch.

Posted on March 5, Mediterranean Gyro. A nice alternative to the usual food court food. The food has declined in quality from what it used to be. I don't recommend. I always get the mix shawarma. The brother behind the counter is very friendly and courteous. Shawarma Palace. However, to claim these guys have the best shawarma in a town where shawarma shops are ubiquitous, is a very tall order.

Portions are nice, prices are competitive and taste is above average. Prince Gourmet. There are two locations on Innes Road--this one to me is slightly better in overall experience. Even though the items are the same, I feel the food, service and the ambiance at the other location is a little better. Z Kabob. This place changed ownership and had a name change in the last year and a half.

Arya kabob house coupon

And it was never that great to begin with. They seem to be out of items a lot. I give it 3 stars because the service was friendly. I can't recommend at this time. It's tasty, however I wish their hot sauce was spicier. Posted on January 17, Shawarma Planet. Chicken shawarma was ok. We tried the half chicken platter with spicy rice and peri fries and the chicken sandwich. Both were delicious. This place is not as large as the original location off Merivale road, but it is spacious enough and brand new. Verbal assurance was given that everything on the menu is halal.

Indochine Express. The menu is limited, and this place is basically a take-out joint, however, the food is still tasty. Posted on December 30, Fahima Halal Food Cart. All were pretty good. Owner is friendly, however service is very slow. Make sure to ask for the spicy green hot sauce.

Halal Cart. Food is decent and tasty. I give it four stars because the portion size was huge. No Pork Halal Kitchen. The food is very authentic and most of the dishes are tasty. Seating is limited and a challenge, however if you come here during non traditional off peak meal times, you might be able to find a spot. Omar's Mediterranean Grill. They did not have any burgers when we were there so we tried the chicken platter, which was ok. The workers behind the counter seemed a little rude. The free bread that came with our order was the best part of the meal.

I wouldn't go out of my way to go here. Mouez Halal Food Cart. The lamb pita sandwich was tasty and the chicken was ok. Our freshly prepared dishes include Middle Eastern, Persian and Italian favorites which capture the adventure and comfort of Mediterranean cuisine. Surf And Turf. Tandoori Chicken. Tikka Masala. Turkey Burger. Yakitori Grilled Skewers. Select None. Dietary Restrictions. Vegetarian Friendly. Vegan Options. Gluten Free Options. Cheap Eats.

Fine Dining. Restaurant features. Drive Thru. Live Music. Parking Available. Serves Alcohol. Table Service. Wheelchair Accessible. Good for. Browse Cupertino by Food. See all. Galpao Gaucho. Find a table. Thai Bangkok Cuisine. The Fish Market - Santa Clara. Moderately Priced. Chaat Bhavan - El Camino. Gochi Japanese Fusion Tapas. The Mandarin Gourmet Cupertino. Lamb Shank, the portion of meat around the tibia of the animal, the leg bone beneath the knee FirstTimeHere. Bamyan kabab Asin Sadat 4 months ago. Lagman UzbekFood Eater foodie Here I share with you the perfect chicken kabob made fast and easy on a charcoal bbq.

Afghani kabob Express is located in Bank st. Afghan Update from Bamyan - Oct wowjeff01 1 years ago. Located at 45 Overlea Blvd , Toronto We each got an order of the Kandahar Kabab and shared a chicken skewer. It was more than enough food for the both of us!

Been to House of Wagyu Stone Grill? Share your experiences!

Markham ; Bamiyan Kabob Hassan Pirzada 4 years ago. I hope health inspector York region will take necessary actions on my complaint. Bamiyan kabob didn't apologize didn't and